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Why Become a Member?

GCA represents compressor packaging and compressor rental, lease, and service companies and provides the following opportunities for members to network, learn and share best practices with other industry professionals.

Membership Benefits

  • Organized Meetings & Expo: The GCA Program and Expo Committee hosts several meetings each year.  These events provide unique networking opportunities with industry peers, equipment suppliers, and colleges while featuring motivational speakers, economists, and industry experts. The annual highlight is the GCA Expo, an event where members and vendors meet to network, learn, and showcase products and innovations for the gas compression industry.

  • Statistical Data Reports: Monthly statistical reports highlight historical facts and trends for the natural gas compression industry encompassing manufacturing, packaging, and rental fleet operations.  Additionally, quarterly forecasting reports offer comprehensive insights into the industry’s trajectory, providing a forward-looking perspective on the gas compression market.  The GCA Statistics Committee is continually exploring areas of measurement that will bring valuable market information to the membership.

  • Environmental Programs: Tailored for GCA members, these programs offer education on environmental regulatory impact and provide technical subject matter expertise to government entities during legislative events.
  • Health & Safety Program: Safety measures are critical within our industry, prompting collaborative efforts to compile and compare industry safety data and share best practices.
  • Education: Member companies benefit from speakers delivering timely, informative, natural gas compression industry specific presentations. The GCA Education Committee has been instrumental in assisting a number of colleges develop and maintain programs for the training of new mechanics and operators required for the gas compression industry.  Funded by the GCA Expo & Conference, the GCA currently provides financial support to these college programs.

  • Human Resources Professionals Program: Members participate in independent, third-party coordinated wage, salary, and benefit surveys and discuss best practices for the unique careers in the gas compression industry.
  • Industry Tools
    GCA committees have developed helpful business tools for members such as a compressor installation guide and a standard lease contract.

  • Anti-trust Compliance: As an association of competitors, we fully comply with Federal, Canadian, and State anti-trust and competition laws.

  • An Opportunity to Participate:  Active member engagement is highly encouraged.  In fact, the association’s success is a direct result of the expertise and active participation of our members.

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GCA Member Companies

Membership Requirements

Gas Compressor Association membership is available to any company actively engaged in any of the following segments of the natural gas compression industry:

Gas Compressor Packages for Resale
Authorized Dealer of GCA Member OEM
Gas Compressor Packages for Rental/Lease
Manufacturer of Gas Compressors, Drivers, Coolers or Controls
Manufacturer or Sale of Gas Compressor Skid Components
Sale or Service of Used Gas Compressor Packages

A prospective member must confirm that they have been actively engaged in GCA related business for a minimum of the previous six months, have been engaged in a minimum of 25 transactions of one or more of the above listed GCA defined equipment or services during this same period with a minimum of 50% of these transactions with non-affiliated, external companies.

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