College Partners

The expanding Natural Gas Compression industry is never without a need for qualified, well-trained individuals.  In the interest of its members, the Gas Compressor Association made the decision to support the industry by partnering with colleges to help develop and maintain programs that will train new mechanics and operators.   Through the financial success of the annual GCA Expo & Conference the association is able to provide monetary support to our college partners.  We have proudly awarded over $850,000 to date.  Additionally, GCA members have generously donated equipment, supplies and their experience to these programs.  

Lackawanna College

Lackawanna College, PA

Lackawanna College

What and Where We Are

Lackawanna College, a private non-profit, accredited degree-granting institution, began its oil and natural-gas technology programs during the summer of 2009, using as a model successful oil and gas industry two-year degree programs and based on petroleum engineering and associated technologies. To house the programs, the college built a new facility at 420 Tioga West Plaza, Suite 104, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.

Associate Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Technology

Lackawanna College’s associate degree program prepares students for careers in the up-, mid- and downstream segments of the oil and natural gas industry. Instruction covers the full spectrum of oil and natural gas geology, drilling, completion, compression/engine mechanics, production, processing equipment and principles, and basic legal plus OSHA Safety requirements and computer skills necessary for technician-level positions. Students receive hands-on driver and compressor exercises in our 5,000-sf compression/engine lab. The program includes hands-on teaching with field equipment and a summer internship with 10 weeks of field experience.

Students considering the associate degree program should be highly motivated to succeed, committed to learning, be willing to work outdoors in both good and inclement weather, relocate if required and have mathematical and mechanical aptitude upon entry.

Program Website: Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas

Program Contact:  Jeremy Yadlosky, or 570-866-1900

Midland College, TX

Midland College

Midland College’s Natural Gas Compression Program is carefully designed to provide students with the technical and practical experience necessary to succeed in the natural gas compression industry. This program focuses on developing industry-ready professionals who are skilled in maintaining, troubleshooting, and operating gas compressor packages with maximum efficiency and safety.

Our curriculum is crafted in close collaboration with industry partners to ensure it remains relevant and practical, covering critical areas such as equipment maintenance, electronic systems, emissions control, and health, safety, and environmental procedures. Students gain hands-on training that reflects real-world conditions, making them well-prepared to meet the needs of the industry.

Additionally, our program offers flexible educational pathways with options to earn Certificates or an Associate of Applied Science Degree, allowing students to tailor their education to their career goals. The program also provides flexible and customized internship opportunities, giving students the chance to apply their skills in a professional setting and gain valuable experience working alongside industry experts.

We are dedicated to producing skilled and knowledgeable graduates who are ready to become skilled compression technicians, poised to join and contribute to the growing natural gas industry. By partnering with Midland College, industry leaders can ensure a steady supply of competent and well-trained graduates who are equipped to make a significant impact in the field.

Discover how Midland College can be your partner in developing the next generation of natural gas compression experts.

Program Website: Natural Gas Compression (

Program Contact: Erick Gutierrez – or 432-686-4917

  • JGA/2 Throw Compressor 
  • Teardown Compressors (Ariel) 
  • Natural Gas Engines for Disassembly/Reassembly 

OSU Institute of Technology, OK


Natural Gas Compression Program

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology boasts one of the industry’s leading natural gas compression programs featuring faculty with solid industry experience and support from the leading natural gas compression producers and suppliers. Paid internships strengthen learning and pave the way for employment.

Learn about engines to electronic controls.  The curriculum is focused around hands-on instruction. The classroom and lab learning is then reinforced by internships offered by industry employers.

Program Website: School of Engineering and Construction Technologies

Program Contact: Paul Harrold at 1-800-722-4471.

1801 E. 4th Street
Okmulgee, OK 74447

  • Additional Natural Gas Engines for disassembly/re-assembly, at least 20 (preferably the same make & model).  These can also be used in the second year to train students on how to install wiring, controls and ignition systems.
  • Separate ignition systems and controls to accompany rebuild units
  • Compressor Skids (could be just compressor for D/A)
  • Complete compressor cylinders with valves, piston, rods, packing, etc
  • 6G825 Superior for instruction (would not have to have intake or exhaust)
  • Various water pumps and oil pumps

Panola College, TX

Panola College

The Panola College Natural Gas Compression program is designed to provide technically oriented entry-level employees with basic knowledge and skills of gas compression equipment and maintenance required to efficiently and safely maintain, troubleshoot, and operate compression packages in their area of responsibility.

The Natural Gas Compression Program offers both Certificate level and Associate of Applied Science Degree credentials.  Students follow a curriculum created in cooperation with representatives from the natural gas compression industry and receive hands-on technical training. At the completion of the second semester, qualified students may have the opportunity to participate in a summer internship. As an intern, students have the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in real world situations working alongside professionals from producing oil and gas, pipeline, processing operating gas compressors and rental fleets. Students have the opportunity to earn a certificate after completion of each of the first two semesters and an Associate of Applied Science Degree within 2 years.

The Certificates and Associate of Applied Science Degree options give students flexibility on how long they wish to continue the program with several exit points. Students then may choose to enter the workforce or decide to continue to earn additional certifications or a degree. Students also have the option of transferring to a university to continue their education with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree. Courses are offered during the day and the evenings.

Program Website:  Panola College Department of Energy

Program Contact:  Daniel Hall – or 936-591-9075

  • Diesel, gas or natural gas engine (running if possible)
  • Pumps (gear, piston or centrifugal)
  • Duplicate hydraulic trainers
  • Duplicate motor control trainers
  • Duplicate mechanical trainers
  • Duplicate instrumentation trainers
  • Laser alignment tools
  • Full set of mechanic’s tools
  • Full set of conduit benders
  • Engine stands and lifts
  • Natural gas compressor
  • Allen Bradley’s PLC’s (Amatrol makes a suitcase trainer)
  • New computer desks

San Juan College, NM

San Juan College

San Juan College offers both a two-year associate degree and a one-year technical certificate in Natural Gas Compression.  San Juan College’s Natural Gas Compression program provides hands on instruction to students so that at the end of the technical program, the students are competent in operating, trouble shooting, and overhauling natural gas drivers and reciprocating compressors.

The technical program focuses on the rebuild of a natural gas engine in the fall semester and the rebuild of a reciprocating natural gas compressor in the spring semester.  Intermingled with these rebuilds are class on instrumentation, compression theory, preventative maintenance, and auxiliary equipment.  These courses are taught in the classroom but most of the hands-on work is done in our state-of-the-art compression bay which was specifically built for the program.

Program Website: Natural Gas Compression (

Program Contact:  Tony Gale, APPO & Natural Gas Compression, or 505-566-4092

Western Wyoming Community College, WY

Western Wyoming Community College

Natural Gas Compression Technology Program

The Natural Gas Compression Technology program is designed to prepare the student for employment in the natural gas compression industry. The student will acquire the ability to troubleshoot, repair and maintain compression equipment as a result of lecture and hands-on training in compression theory, pneumatics, compressor mechanics, gas engine mechanics, electric motors, precision measuring, alignment, vibration analysis, oil analysis, balancing and safety. The student will also receive training in related industrial technology courses. A graduate of this program with a one-year certificate or two-year degree will be a valuable asset to the natural gas compression industry.

Program Website:

2500 College Drive
Rock Springs, WY 82901